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Immerse in Stylish Entertainment, Found on Nxtabl


Upgrade your game night with NXTABL

Stylish, modern, and endless fun with classic board games and exciting adventures. Everything at your fingertips!

Play with friends and family

A 4K Ultra HD screen for incredibly realistic gaming. WiFi-supported for downloading games, puzzles, and coloring books with customizable desktop visuals.     

whether they're in your room or anywhere around the globe!        

43-inch 4k

NXTABL's stunning 43-inch 4K display and matte tempered glass surface

deliver clearer text and crisper photos.


Equipped with the Android 13 system, 128GB ROM+8GB RAM of memory, and the ability to download games from the Google Store, including apps like Netflix and YouTube.

Up to 6 Players

The touchscreen supports simultaneous input from six points, allowing you to gather up to six friends, whether they're lounging on your sofa or scattered across the globe.

 Special Price: $799! Enjoy a 46% discount, originally $1499! Only on launch day!!!
Release time :(EST)December 21, 2023, 7:00 AM. Set your alarm, don't miss out~!

Sharper, Crisper, Clearer.

NXTABL's stunning 43-inch 4K display and matte tempered glass.Whether up close or from different angles,enjoy a sharp visual experience. Built-in speakers, no need for external audio devices.

Not confined to a single function or perspective

Beyond a Coffee Table, a Lifestyle Centerpiece. Transform your living room into a home entertainment haven, a gaming sanctuary, or a cinematic escape. Whether as a stylish coffee table or in NXTABL's entertainment mode, share music and videos to curate a delightful social ambiance

Unleash a world of endless possibilities

NXTABL features HDMI, USB 3.0 for expansion, and supports Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, upholding its openness. The high hardware requirements make NXTABL's usage experience even faster.

Explore more possibilities

Take advantage of the large tabletop screen, comfortably play Switch on the couch using NXTABL, or turn the NXTABL Coffee Table into your smart home dashboard! NXTABL supports popular home automation platforms like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

More tricks up the sleeve!

NXTABL table features a built-in wireless charging area, supporting fast charging at 20W for Android and 15W for iOS. Easily switch to coffee table mode, seamlessly integrating technology and lifestyle for a perfect blend of convenience and innovation.

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Easy Connect, Endless Possibilities

NXTABL Coffee Table seamlessly integrates with your smartphone—effortlessly send pictures with a simple swipe, explore your Instagram timeline with friends, and this is just the beginning. Unlock a world of possibilities with the NXTABL Coffee Table.

Customized tabletop

Like adding a personal touch to life, choose materials, colors, or patterns that match your style. It's not just about personal preference; it blends seamlessly with your home decor, bringing personality and warmth to your living room. It's a small haven where every detail tells a beautiful story about your life.

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